Poetry Corner – Part Deux

For the record, the “Oh West” poem didn’t really count. Since a person actually well-versed in poetry thought this was a good poem I decided to post it haha. So there’s that, plus Amazon has unveiled “Kindle Singles” which are basically long, long essays available for only $2. I don’t know if that’s good but whatever. AT&T iPhone users might want to stay, especially if it is true that they are offering the option to go to unlimited data again? (Verizon has also kind of accidentally announced that it’s going to be $30/month for unlimited data; no other options are offered except a hotspot add-on for $20/mo more). Continuing with unrelated stuff, and with no transitions whatever, Lady Gaga is going to debut a new perfume…that smells like blood and semen. Ew. Also, MacBook Pro refreshes seem to be coming soon.

Now, with the poem…so I should probably explain this class. For all you UF students out there, it is CRW2300. The section that I am in is the honors section, although I am fairly sure the other sections don’t act that much different. My class is taught by the wonderful Dr. Sidney Wade (no I’m not trying to suck up, she’s really a wonderful professor) and there are about I want to say 15 people at most in the class. The class is in Powell Hall which most people might know better as the Florida Museum of Natural History (where the Butterfly Rainforest is). It takes place here because, as Dr. Wade puts it, there’s simply so much that can be written about the exhibits in museum. The class comprises of basically presenting a poem of your choosing from a certain assigned chapter and analyzing it (for you IB people, think Oral presentations in IB English). It also requires a poem to be written weekly and sent to peers to be edited and critiqued, what is known as the “workshop” format.

I’ve done some admittedly obscure subjects in my first two poems. My first one isn’t that great because I was so much more worried about specifics and got too caught up in them (it was about mud bogs, granted). This second poem I kind of did on the spur of a moment and it was about ferns. Granted, I give credit to whoever writes those blurbs in the museum because the language that they used was just good enough to give me inspiration to make it even better. It talked about how certain plants are able to grow inside things we wouldn’t expect, like rocks. And, well, it gave this:

Strong Fern by Sey Hee Park

Its roots burrow with ease through

the soft soil

The fern meanders freely the endless ocean

of land that

Spreads beneath my far-reaching but low-lying

spore-filled leaves

Which will carry its offspring places down the river

or across the continent

And they might run through soil easily or face

the task of boring

Through rock, dependent on the eye-

droppers of

Soil and water that seep down


And impart life and strength to those

sporelings that

Split those boulders and yet keep

them whole



I have cool friends and acquaintances

So I was at my MCAT class Saturday (after waiting ten minutes outside in the freezing cold), and I was just making small talk with a girl that I knew from Organic lab this past summer. I was talking with her about the sorority she is in and I just asked if she knew some other people that I knew there (it’s kind of a stupid question to ask because there’s a 90% chance that they will know the people you speak of and it’s 99% if they’re the same year as the person you’re speaking of). One of the girls I had mentioned was in my calculus class way back in freshmen year (weird how I can say ‘way back’ now) and was incredibly nice, intelligent, but also uber-involved (and an engineering major, which is a whole other boat load of crap to deal with), and I had found out that she is now president of their sorority.

As I drove back home I started to think about all of the people I have met or been with up here and I realized that I am not only incredibly blessed but also incredibly humbled by them. Every single person that I know is involved in some sort of organization on campus, ranging from small, novel ones that represent the innovation of this university to the large ones like the Cicerones that represent the rich and storied history of this University…a feat that I can say I’ve still yet to be stable in some form or another. Some of my friends have started or co-founded organizations from scratch, not an easy task on a large campus like that of UF. Other friends I know are TAs…and not TAs like me who are helping out with online classes (as cool as my TA job is…and it realy is), but they’re TAing for like major-related 3000 level courses, or Organic or Gen chem and some are even leading discussion statements. A good half of my friends are involved in some sort of research, or lab or fieldwork. A good number of my friends are either in fraternities or sororities and are actively taking leadership roles in them. And all of my friends have this amazing knack to balance their social and academic lives in near perfect harmony. With regards to my high school’s ’08 class, I don’t think there’s a single person up here at UF (or at USF/Miami/FSU or that matter) who wouldn’t have made our high school teachers proud. I know that they probably didn’t think of us as the best graduating class they had, but I think if they saw and kept up with us now they’d be happy to know what we have done and what we are continuing to do.

I am incredibly honored to be in the presence of the people; they continually make me jealous but also, more importantly, help me to strive to be a better person every day. They also make me realize that every time I bitch or whine about something that goes on in my life, they make me realize that there are other people out there who do so much more and are able to slog through it much better than I ever could. Some of these friends and acquaintances of mine are doing amazing things even in spite of problems that they may face, and that is worthy of every fiber of respect I can possibly give to them.

I know that there are a lot of people who know that UF is a good school but want to go somewhere better…and that’s fine. It might work out for people that way and it might now. But to the people who “end up” going to UF, I beg of you not to be dismayed. UF is really one of those universities where it is up to you to make the best of it, and you can’t really go around and say you can’t identify with one person out of a campus of 40,000+. And I’m not saying this just for UF…I mean it for everywhere you go: it really matters more what you do with the University than what the University does to you.

Oh West

Forgive me, I just came out of poetry and am deadly tired and am waiting to have dinner. So sue me.

Oh library west

I hear no jarring melody of discordant voices

Ringing from the cafe you call Starbucks

Instead I just hear the flow of smooth jazz

Jazz that is, well, too smooth

When a dearth of life pervades.

Your second floor is barely complete

and your third floor looks like

an empty telemarketer sweatshop.

The people here are actually working

Not facebooking.

And yet here I am just blogging

Instead of studying.


What I’ve Learned This Past Week

  • Why do people keep their doors unlocked at night still?! It’s 2010 people, anything and everything could be stolen with the most advanced of technology, and yet people are still stupid enough to leave their doors unlocked so people could take shit. Or people could use them as sleeping grounds for an amnesia-filled night, haha.
  • Money can still be spent on free drink night. I learnt that the sort of hard way, two of my friends learned harder.
  • Oh yeah, Freud was DEFINITELY at work in some capacity on Monday night.
  • Apparently buying a random girl a drink on her 21st is still much harder than it seems. I don’t turn people off THAT badly do I???????
  • Try winning 89 times in a row in anything. Bet you can’t do that. OK, then stop saying that Geno’s UConn Women’s Basketball team’s streak is nothing compared to Wooden’s.
  • I’m going to go to a UF baseball game now to show my support for all UF athletics, as I should’ve from the beginning of my UF tenure. Because for some reason UF football and UF basketball are just not the same.
  • We’re still high schoolers when the right conditions occur. No big deal.
  • My camera is almost indestructible. SOMEONE managed to spill a drink all over it and yet the camera’s working like a champ right now. So the only thing I can conclude is that I hallucinated the whole situation somehow. That’s sort of freaky.
  • I actually have a new book idea that I definitely think I can complete by 2012.
  • Facebook apps are like germs. They spread like mad. First you see one person do “Who’s your best friend in 2011?”. Before you know it, everyone’s doing it.
  • I used to think planes were much more sanitary than cruise liners. Apparently, I could be mistaken.
  • Destroying your GPA is quite easy. Building it back up is much harder.
  • I never write enough for this blog anymore. Sad times.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know you probably won’t be reading this on your Thanksgiving holiday, and rightfully so. This is the time that should be spent with family, or, at the very least, watching the Dog Show and some (actually not bad football). But I hope that you have stuffed yourselves with turkey, ham, or whatever you eat on this wonderful Thanksgiving holiday (The Park Family Tradition, lately, has been Ham and Chicken from Boston Market. Turkey doesn’t appeal to any of us anymore). We also eat an early dinner (4PM); I know most of my friends tend to have dinner at lunch time…or dinner time.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of blog posts to get you through the Turkey Day:

Also, no really good Black Friday deals have suited me this year…I’m just going to buy Season 3 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and maybe get a free slurpee from 7-11. Just maybe. I’ll also be posting a review of the NookCOLOR very shortly…let’s just say this, I’ve been playing around with it a LOT and I freaking love it.

PS: this is, sadly, a working holiday for me, as I have to get this term paper done soon before I can do anything else. Oh well. Have a good Thanksgiving everyone!

525,600 minutes * 20 years + (24 hours * 60 minutes * 362 days) = today.

It’s sad, the only reason why I remember 525,600 minutes is from Rent. But that’s OK, right?

Anyway, I’ve come to the hard and sad conclusion that I won’t be doing anything for my 21st birthday this weekend other than maybe going to Chipotle and getting a Dos Equis. The main (and probably only) reason for this is because I just simply have too much to start studying for and too much to do overall. It’s funny because I’ve been planning this not for a year or so but for a few months at least…and even when syllabi came out I thought I was relatively in the clear. But the reality was that while the test spacing is still adequate, the “feeling” spacing doesn’t. That microbiology test on Thursday will be the death of me; way too much memorization that needed to start yesterday and I’m just now getting the hang of it.

This doesn’t mean I’m just letting it go unnoticed, however, no no no. I pledge, no, vow (I don’t know which word is actually stronger, but you get my point) to make up for it within the next few weeks.

Anyway, I’m tired. I want this day to endd. Even though I’ve been seeing a lotta people around campus that I normally don’t see at all, and that makes me happy. Very happy.

Random tangents.

The title of this post should strike the fancies of a very few people. In a bad way.

So I now understand why people hate packing. Especially when it comes down to the wee hours and you haven’t started packing one bit.

Anyway, cats hate Justin Bieber. Except for Spaghetti Cat. Because he’s cool.

More posts will come on Friday…it’s just too much to do at one time, monitoring a woot-off and packing. Oy vey.

And btw, was it really that hard for most of the professors to go over to the new E-learning system? this year’s going to be a pain in the ass having to log into two course management systems. blah.

“Get that camera away from me.” “Nah.”

Wrap your mind around this figure for a second: 20.0 GB (gigabytes)

And that is how much space has been taken up by pictures or camera-created video alone.

How much is that? Nearly 10,000 pictures, probably about 100 short video clips.

As Mark put it, I was a major camera whore. And I’ll admit it now…it never really dawned on me until I started transporting stuff to my new computer the other day and I’ve been importing these new photos into iPhoto for better cataloguing for future things. But that’s a lot of pictures people…10,000 photos is enough to fill a normal-sized room about three times, or a living room about 1.5 times. That’s endless amounts of bulletin boards, even if you overlaid one picture slightly on top of another. And it’s not really a statistic that I’m necessarily proud of…but must admit to.

Read more of this post

Are we that old? oh em gee.

Yes, I know I’m writing a book called 21 for 21, but it’s still racking my brain that I’m going to be 21 in just 38 days. Twenty-one is the last age before 50 that’s somewhat significant. I mean, even 17, 19 and 20 were more significant than 22-49 will ever be. But think of the amount of newsworthy events that have happened in my life in the past 21 years:

  • The Berlin Wall fell in November of 1989.
  • The Hubble Space Telescope was put into orbit in April of 1990.
  • Universal Studios in Orlando opened in June 1990.
  • The First Gulf War started August 1990.
  • February 1993: The first WTC terrorist attack and the Waco Massacre
  • April 1995: Oklahoma City Bombing
  • December 1998: The impeachment of Bill Clinton after the discovery of the Lewinsky affair
  • January 2000: The beginning of a new millennium, and the Elian Gonzalez affair
  • 9/11
  • The second Gulf War
  • The Columbia Disaster
  • The Haiti Earthquake
  • Boxing Day Indonesia Tsunami
  • Barack Obama being elected as the first African American president
  • and so many more events
    Take a gander at that list for a second…and realize how much of history has happened in our very short lives. We have been blessed and cursed by these events all the same. Think for a second where you were, what you were thinking, when all of those events happened. What kind of emotions were coursing through your body at those exact times? It’s easy to think of events that happened to you personally, but it’s also shocking to think how much has happened in the world you live in for those 21 years. Even just looking one level above, like the city/cities/states that you’ve lived in all your life, you see many changes, both good and bad.

The only reason I’m on such a weird retrospective trip is because I was reading an article about how people are finding ways to get to know new roommates for college without having to actually meet the roommate first, find out they suck/rock, and then having to live with them for a whole year. Yes, we had Facebook just merely two years ago…but what about looking just 10 years older? My sister, who’s turning 30 this year (yes this is me rubbing it in your face Ki, you’re getting old Smile with tongue out), never had access to something like Facebook. In fact, when she first entered college, dial-up was still king at the time, e-mail was just starting to pick up, and the only way you could profile a person at all was listening to their voice on the phone.

Just six years ago we were all on MySpace and thinking that MySpace would live on forever, and that we’d be crudely customizing our pages with bad background formatting options (like sports teams tiled all over infinitely on our page), and the rise of the self-portrait pictures, with the awkward up-to-down angle where heads and faces became the focal point instead of bodies. AIM was still hip, and texting was just an expensive option on your phone that noone really felt like using at the time. Twitter and Facebook were merely ideas floating in young minds.

Even such things like iPods and laptops…think about that. Just six years ago desktops were still king of the roost and laptops were something for only business professionals and maybe some rich college students at most. CD players were the way to go, but MP3 players were hard to come by (the original iPod was released in 2001 at a price of $399 for 5GB…but six years ago it was a little better).

My point is, life’s too quick…I’ve realized that as much fun as I have had these past twenty-one years, I realized that I still have a lot more fun to live. Once I turn 21 I feel like everything won’t have so much meaning…18 may be the official age for adulthood, but 21 really represents the end of major debauchery and (at the very least) the beginning into true adulthood, where true responsibility lies only a year or two away. I feel almost rushed now…trying to do the things I want to do before my 21st birthday rolls around. So if I seem a little more crazy or loose than usual, I sort of apologize, but I hope you’ll understand.

Yo yo yo.

Monday and Tuesday will probably be off days for sure, so this is really the only time I can get a post in.

Today is August 1st. My friend, Sara, has a birthday today so happy birthday to her even though she celebrated it quite well a week ago haha. But today also is like Labor Day in a sense: it’s the unofficial start to “Meh, do we have to start school in a few weeks?” attitude. This year’s different though, because we inaugurate the year of the 21st birthday. Minus youngins like Scott.

Regardless, two more days and I’m out of here. But it’s not all relaxation and games. Actually, what am I saying, yes it is. Kind of. I plan on catching up on my summer reading that I didn’t do at all, and I also plan on making some sort of decision about this whole “me-missing-having-a-Mac” thing because it’s about time I end this now.

There’s also about a 10% probability that I’ll be booking a trip to London…at first it was down to 1% simply because hostel availability was just utter rubbish, but now there’s a site(courtesy of my friend in the Honors Office Melissa Johnson) which shows how a lot of dormitories in universities across the UK are transformed into bed and breakfasts over the summer session (over there, summer = July – September). It’d be a five day trip, but I’d have to get back home before my next call of duty: Fantasy Football draft.

Yes, the venerable Fantasy Football leagues. Does it shock you that I’m in one? Actually I was in three last year, and ended up in a pool of mediocrity in all of them (I think I came in almost last in one of them). I hope that my religious watching of SportsCenter every day can at least slightly help me make wiser decisions. But I’d rather be back in Orlando doing the draft live rather than doing it via Wi-Fi on the plane ride back.

Anyway, no posts until Tuesday night at the earliest; I have a lot of catching up to do with some peeps I didn’t see over break. I just hope it doesn’t involve dinner outings; I’m poor as heck now.

Also things I’ve learned:

  • Apparently I’m so obsessed with instant communication that if I don’t reply to your text immediately OR if I’m not on Facebook at all, I am considered either dead or I hate you. (Neither of which is true, 90% of the time)
  • I’ve also learned that saying big words marks me as an instant candidate for why I don’t get dates.

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