Day 5-2: Line Dancing + Cowboy hats and boots = “definitely a Nashville party”

In the words of Randy, the country stars don’t REALLY live in true Nashville. They live on the mountain ranges outside of Nashville. So when Miley says that Hollywood is “definitely not a Nashville party”, she doesn’t know what the heck she’s talking about.

Or does she?

Some of the girls were rocking their new boots (because, you know, unless you’re travelling to Texas OR going to use them at a costume party, you gotta rock them SOMEWHERE you know?). I for some reason decided to be awkward and not pack any dress shoes (I should’ve known that some kind of dancing shoes were needed for line dancing…oops). And I really didn’t feel like wearing a gray button-down.


The picture was taken on a self-timer, on top of a parking meter. I don’t have my hat. Yet. LP field in the background.

So where in hecks did we go to carry out this wonderful mission of line dancing? No other tourist trap place than the Wild Horse Saloon.


Now I say tourist trap ONLY because of the fact that it’s wildly advertised all across Tennessee (especially at Opry Mills and Gaylord Opry)…the cover is actually reasonable and the lessons, as you’ll find out soon enough, are quite good. The food is also great there…but whether it is a true line dancing/stomping kind of place, well, I need to ask Zack about that.

Anyway, this place is giNORMOUS. 3 levels of stuff, the first level reserved for the line dancing floor, second floor I think is more of an observation deck/more bar area. And the third floor is for billiards. To show the enormity of the stage:

IMG_3459 IMG_3463

We got seated…right in FRONT of the line dancing floor (pretty neat, I must say). Food served here is mostly normal Americana, with a little bit of emphasis on the barbecue…so naturally I went for it, thinking it would come out right after a good portion of line dancing was done.


(I apologize for my undershirt showing out. How unclassy). But anyway, I was wrong. The food came out before line dancing…ladies and gentlemen, I would like to inform you of the obvious: don’t dine and dance (in that order). It doesn’t work too well.

What WAS cool, however, was that our line dancing instructor, Jenny (stage name: Xena), was a UF alum who graduated in 2003 and was totally rocking Gator colors that night.


And no, I don’t feel like posting the video of me (attempting to) line dance here. Just check Facebook you creeper-monkeys.

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