5 months away

The countdown truly begins for the MCAT in just a few days, Tumblr reminds us of how cool its error page is (we haven’t heard from Twitter whale in a while have we?), a prominent but controversial UF administrator is on her way to Northwestern, another prominent but now controversial football player was seen with green green, a modified Turducken, and a big good luck to all of the people who are embarking on the journey known as Career Showcase at UF (tomorrow’s for all the biz peeps, Wednesday’s for all the engineering peeps).

I am way too lazy to link today, but I will say that the two UF-related articles are on the Gainesville Sun’s website at gainesville.com.

  • Patricia Telles-Irvin, known for fostering student involvement but also known for being Dr. Machen’s right-hand man when it comes down to alcohol enforcement for underage people, will be leaving sometime soon to take a high administrative position at Northwestern University.
  • Janoris Jenkins was caught rolling a blunt in a bathroom at Status in Downtown Gainesville on Saturday. He was cited for possession of < 20 grams of marijuana. First major test for Will Muschamp’s “Florida Way”? Probably not.
  • Apple just recently ended their 10,000,000 app countdown…although it could have ended a little differently. Apparently when the lady who won the promotion (got the 10,000,000th app and got a $10,000 App Store gift card) was contacted by Apple originally, she first thought it was a telemarketer and hung up on her. Someone much higher-up in the Apple administrative division happened to catch wind of the story and made sure that any misconceptions were clarified.
  • MCAT: 5 months, 2 days. Just like exercise, I don’t see any nominal improvement yet. ::sigh::
  • A turdunken. It’s a Turducken…with some Dunkin Donuts twist that I don’t want to see.

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