Quick Reaction: Apple Event

Recall that I’m an Apple fanboy and that I have an iPhone 4S, but I honestly thought this was the weirdest/most disappointing keynote ever. It’s not just because the leaks were exactly spot-on to what was released today for the iPhone 5…but because Apple has finally hit a brick wall. They hit the brick wall somewhat softly (I’ll explain in a bit), but they really did hit a brick wall. Why?

There is no design change.

I could care less about the tallerness and two-tone background and glass+alumnium-only body and thinness. There IS NO EVIDENT DESIGN CHANGE. I don’t expect it to be shaped like a coconut, mind you, but rounded corners? More color schemes? Some sort of design change that wasn’t color-related? (and no, the FaceTime camera moving ABOVE the earpiece is NOT a radical design change, sorry). Yes, it’s slimmer. So what? Expected. Yes it’s taller, OK, cool, I can fit ONE more row of scramble with friends. YAY. I’m very glad actually that Apple didn’t follow the trend of going 4+” because I think the whole 4.7-5.1″ craze is absurd….but that’s it. The iPhone 3G(S) to iPhone 4 was a radical design change. The iPhone 4 to 4S wasn’t, as expected. But iPhone 4S to 5? I expected better. Samsung at least changed the design from the S2 to the S3 (probably to avoid another fracas with Apple but whatever), and Nokia’s phones look cool. This change though? Doesn’t fly with me. Not one bit.

There are no new features.

Panorama? On iPhone 4S’s  via iOS 6 coming next week (and been available through third-party apps and Android for years). Durability? Drop your iPhone 5 without a case and tell me if the screen doesn’t (horrifically) crack. New earbuds? Um….OK. sure. I don’t think people bought phones because of earbuds (minus the old HTC phones that came with Beats headphones standard). LTE? Already on some top of the line Android and Windows Phone handsets. Nokia came out with NFC (basically paying for stuff with your phone) and Wireless Charging for their Windows Phones, and the Nexus line is continuously advancing as well. New processor? Big deal. My iPhone 4S is fast enough. Camera with sapphire lens? Sweet, but again my iPhone 4S has actually replaced my camera now sadly but surely (although Samsung could take notice and put back in top of the line optics like they did with the Galaxy S2…heck the camera on there was better at times than the 4S). If you have an iPhone 4S and you tell me you want an upgrade to iPhone 5, I’ll be furious to say the least. I like my tech, and I like new tech….this isn’t new tech.

Apple went backwards

They violated what I think is an unwritten Steve Jobs’ tenet: no adapters. I don’t think he even liked Mini-DVI to DVI adapters (if any of you have Macs, you know that it’s a pain in the ass to get an adapter to connect to a monitor). Steve Jobs would’ve said “screw the consumers/product manufacturers, we’re going hog wild with this new connector and if they want to get on board, great. If not, fine.”

Honestly the iPod Touch is a more innovative “step”. 

The iPod Touch, to me, should be the more worthy “looker”. Yes, it’s basically a non-phone iPhone 4S (dual-core A5 processor, 5MP optics, all same as iPhone 4S probably), but it is the direct counter to Samsung’s Galaxy Camera.  Finally, the damn iPod Touch has a backside flash. If you want a thin point and shoot camera, I’m gonna come out and say it, but this would be my choice. In addition, I do love the matte finish; reminds me of the stubby iPod nanos of long ago.

But credit Apple for not giving into NFC.

I know it seems REALLY odd, but Apple is looking towards Passbook as their future rather than supplying an NFC chip to do the dirty work for them. There has to be some sort of mischievous reason why, but I also do think that NFC  is STILL not ready for prime time just yet. With credit card number theft happenings on the rise, think about how “easy” it could be to wirelessly steal your credit card info from your phone without you knowing it? In addition, tell me one place in your city that accepts NFC payments right now. Didn’t think so.

The iPod Nano is weird.

Color scheme is off (worse than the iPod Touch’s color scheme), and I feel like I’m looking at a bad Chinese knockoff at times. Bluetooth is actually a nice addition though, and I’m amazed that they fit it into such a small body.

All in all, a disappointing day.

I wasn’t going to get an iPhone 5. Now I know I’m REALLY not getting an iPhone 5. There’s no point. I’m content with being on 3G, and while a 4″ phone isn’t too big for my hands, my current 4S fits me just fine. I’m just glad to get my grubby hands on iOS 6…ON MY BIRTHDAY WHEE.

Don’t expect the iPad Mini to be better…or maybe expect it? 

The iPad Mini will not have what you seek. It’ll have a 7″ screen and that’s about it…..unless it has a new screen technology we don’t know about. Or maybe something else? Apple wouldn’t put up a new event for a product that was the exact mini copy of its current products unless there was something radically different about it. The iPod mini? Different because it was cheaper and had colored bodies compared to iPod. The iPod nano? Flash storage. I expect Apple to do something similar, but it needs to be good. If this keeps up, you might see me with an Android phone next year. Maybe.


PS: I have no energy to talk about the new iTunes. It looks crappy though; the play controls are too close to the X/-/+ buttons on the Mac version as far as I’m concerned. And I hate organizing by album. But to each their own. 

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