Dance Marathon at UF, 16 hours in. Maybe 17. Idk.

You’re really not supposed to look at the clock in these kinds of events. DM covers the clock in the study room, they never show a clock in the dance floor, and it used to be that cell phones were verboten/forbidden in the dancers favor such that they couldn’t look at the clock.

And yet you always somehow get the time. And it inevitably hurts.

After the rave hour morale and strength amazingly precipitously drop. The study room is really the only solace for some sort of distraction to get thru the next x number of hours.

Delirium doesn’t necessarily hit a high. But it does something.

And yet, still, that mantra of FTK runs through our veins. The miracle families constantly remind us of our duty and how grateful they are for it.

And that’s what keeps us going. We don’t know exactly how we/I’ll manage to survive the remaining stretch. But we know we have to. We know somehow we have to. And we will.


For the kids.

One thought on “Dance Marathon at UF, 16 hours in. Maybe 17. Idk.

  1. Hi Sey Hee! If you are who I think you are… I was your intern teacher in Mrs. McDonald’s multiage class in 1996. I am Miss Coloret. :0) You were in first grade. :0) I have thought about you many times over the years! You taught me a valuable lesson that I have never forgotten. I was once wrong (just once) and you were right. I upset you because of the misunderstanding and I felt horrible. We were walking back from the playground and I apologized to you for upsetting you. Your reply was: “That’s ok Miss Coloret. Do as Ms. Frizzle does. Take chances! Get messy! Make mistakes! :)” wow! What powerful words from a first grader! I wrote those powerful words on a sticky note that day and have kept that sticky note on my teacher desk, or my filing cabinet. or my planning binder for the past 17 years. Those powerful words have gotten me through some tricky times and I have told this story to every class I’ve ever had. :0) In fact, I just shared the story this morning which is why I thought to find you and tell you! Thank you for that powerful lesson so early in my career. I have found that my students are teachers too, and you were my first.
    I’d love to hear how you are doing these days! It seems like you are as successful as I had imagined you to be. Med school! Wow! Good for you! I hope you are taking your own advice and taking chances, getting messy, and making mistakes! :0)
    Much love,
    Cecilia Coloret

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