I get -ish done.

662 days since Addazio was promoted to Offensive Coordinator and, consequently, increased our chances of losing against FSU this November.

Sort of. (referring to the title)

I’ve actually done some work on these outlines I’m preparing for microbio, so I’m going to take a brief break and blog. Naturally.

Of course I’m coughing like an obnoxious person up here at the 3rd floor of Club West. But maybe they should remember to turn up the heat just a little bit up here in the night time when the weather is a little colder (that’s a phrase I never thought I’d say). Seems like everyone and their mom AND dad is up here at West though, must be a busy test week coming up (you’d think all the professors around here would want to get exams over with before FL/GA, because we’re just so damn good…)

Speaking of the Gatas’ performance, Pat Dooley has some insight into the theories pervading why, to put it bluntly, we suck this year. Now, granted, I’m all for the “in all kinds of weather we’ll all stick together”, but we need to know why we’re doing so bad so that, at the very least next year, we can be great again.

In the meantime though, maybe we need to find a way to grin and bear it, and what better way to do that than alcohol, no? Apparently some researchers in the U.S. have found a gene that may explain why some people get tipsy earlier than others...and I thought it was all based on a height:weight ratio or whatever. So, great, I have two genes that go against me possibly in this area.

Anyway, the only exciting thing coming up for me is the “Back to the Mac” event tomorrow, thank God. Of course, watch it disappoint me…and then me eventually proceed to get aforementioned disappointing product some months later.

I’ll be mass-tweeting tomorrow updates from the event, so brace yourselves.

What have we learned today at the Swamp?

  • Yes, we’re spoiled, and I think it’s high time everyone (including this writer) to get off of Cloud Nine. This is, after all, a young team.
  • But that doesn’t excuse Addazio.
  • We’re burning the Orange Jerseys the first chance we get.
  • I’m sorry, at this point it is not classless to boo a bad offensive call. We don’t mean anything against Brantley or the players necessarily, we blame the man choosing the calls: Steve Addazio. Unfortunately we can’t “@SteveAddazio” our boos to him, and even if we did he’s sure to ignore him. I feel bad for the team in a way, because noone likes to be booed. But until we can throw tomatoes at Addazio and other responsible parties, the booing is the only way we can voice our frustration.
  • I now extend my blame to all corners of the UF football staff….except special teams. Special teams did a great job at attempting to reach punters as fast as possible. Andre Debose proved that we still have power in the kickoff return…something we haven’t seen in forever. But Urban Meyer? You’re now officially in the doghouse in my book. You have not done a single thing in the past six games to change things up. We saw the same plays over again, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP USING THIS WHOLE TREY BURTON PACKAGE AT PLACES OTHER THAN THE 5-YARD LINE. Trey Burton was just a lucky son-of-a-gun who did well in one game and now we think he’s our savior.
  • One could argue about the “forward pass” and the “bobble” at the end, but in reality
  • Back to Urban: your post-game comments were disappointing. You tried to place blame on injured people and just said “we need to get better”. Oh really Urban? What makes you think that?
  • You can call me callous, spoiled, stupid, insane, I don’t care. But when’s the last time we lost in the Swamp? Ole Miss, 2008. When’s the last time we lost two in a row? 2007. I’m not saying Fire Urban, hell no. I’m saying something needs to be done about Addazio, fast. Or else Gainesville could just erupt in riot. Someone held a sign up today seen on TV that said “Fire Addazio”. If this keeps up, there’ll be a homecoming float promoting this cause soon enough.
  • We learned that we still have a chance for the SEC championship, but we need to work our tails off for it, because it’s going to be a long road ahead.
  • Tim Tebow, permanent motivational speaker for UF football?

Don’t Fire Addazio? You’re kidding right?

Pat Dooley is a respected sports columnist around Gainesville, and rightfully so. From what I’ve heard he’s been in the business for a long time around here. Now while that might mean he’s not done better than what Gainesville’s been expecting because he’s been here so long, I’m kind of doubtful of that really. But I like his columns generally and I find them insightful and humorous.

But after the Gators’ almost-Pyrrhic-in-nature victory over Miami-Ohio, Mr. Dooley’s the one suggesting that we SHOULDN’T blame Steve Addazio, our horribly horrific offensive coordinator, for our woes.

Wait, what? Don’t blame Addazio? That’s utter bullcrap.

Dooley’s only argument: he’s the same guy who called the plays that routed Cincinnati, Georgia and FSU. Uhh yeah. He’s also the same guy who engineered our loss against Alabama in the 2009 SEC Championship, our near loss to Arkansas on homecoming, and our somewhat anemic performance vs. Tennessee last year. I know that a person shouldn’t complain about a win, but that’s one huge loss and one huge kinda-loss (let’s face it, the calls went in our favor when we played Arkansas). I’m not saying Addazio’s a horrific offensive coordinator…he obviously knows what he’s doing against the lower-ranked SEC teams and the cupcake teams we play throughout the year. But against the big guys? I’m scared this season, I really am. As long as that man’s donning the headset every game will require me to get a really bad tan and possibly even sunburn, rather than leaving halfway through with peace of mind.