The Bad Health Snap for 6/29

First of all, some site-monitoring-worthy stuff:

  • I’m honored and amazed that all you Five Guys people are using my blog to try and find out when Five Guys in Gainesville is opening. But I honestly don’t know when Sad smile. I assure you I pass by the damn place every day hoping it opens, but it hasn’t. Yet.
  • For all of you summer B freshmen who are trying to look for recruitment/rush stuff for the up and coming fall semester, I’m sorry, this definitely isn’t the site to check haha. Someone recently searched “uf sorority blog” and decided to come upon this page. I chuckled at the sight of it for a moment.
  • Apparently a good number of you really like news about Kate Gosselin…for whatever reason I don’t know. Maybe my description of her helped though.

So admittedly I was going to actually do a health-related commentary…then I lost the article…and then I went to sleep and forgot all about it. Such is the life of me. Anyway, this is still somewhat health related…but in the weird, not-so-cool, almost gross way.

  • The Japanese are crazy. They have crazy game shows where the punishments would be considered border-line human-rights violations in the United States. They have crazy gadgets that seem like miniature Rube Goldberg machines of sorts because they look so complicated and yet do one simple task. They even have freaking crazy toilets that probably let you browse the web or, erm, do other things while sitting on that toilet seat that probably is warming or cooling your buttocks. But they also have crazy sodas, and the Pepsi Strong Shot is one of them. Yes it’ll keep you wired for days…but apparently it has so much carbon dioxide that if you open it before letting it stand for 15 seconds you can expect a can of WHA-BAM on your face. Seriously.
  • Speaking of the Japanese, there is a graduate student of an Art School there who created a menstruation machine for men to experience the (supposed) horrors of girls’ periods. You know, the times when someone you know just gets incredibly pissy for seemingly no reason? I’m kind of messing around, but girls this is a good idea to make your boys feel absolute and excruciating pain. Just tell them it’s a 15-min ab machine or something. But really, this machine is kind of gross in its implementation…it really takes it to a next level. (Kind of NSFW…but not really…but kind of).
  • So remember when Stacy, Marilyn, Will and I went on that Spicy Chicken + $1 McCafe adventure and we were enlightened by the thing that is the McGangBang? Apparently there are many secret items on many menus across the U.S…and this includes a Captain Crunch Berry Frap at Starbucks which apparently is just a very berry strawberry frap with a shot of hazelnut…which tastes exactly like the cereal. There are some others at Starbucks, Burger King and McDonalds as well, as well as some places I’ve never heard of before.
  • This should be on everyone’s bucket list: to break a Guinness World Record. And it should be memorable, no doubt. But the world’s longest eyelash? That just seems…I don’t know…not gross…but not necessarily fulfilling.

These next posts aren’t health related. I mean I could make them that way, but that’d require work. And this is a leisure blog.

  • Hulu Plus is real. Notice I said PLUS…Hulu isn’t switching to a subscription based model, they’re just adding it on as a nice option to watch older episodes and shows. $10/month, and it enables access from iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC/Mac, etc. Some people are complaining that you can still see ads and that it’s not worth the money. I say this: aren’t you paying for $50/mo cable that still has ads anyway? Put Discovery Channel and Food Network stuff on there, and I will never complain about no cable again.
  • Yes, the new Harry Potter trailer is out. And it looks intense as hell. And Emma Watson looks hotter than ever. Yes, I have a problem  obsession.
  • A Peruvian Guinea Pig Festival. Seems like fun right? Might even seem cute…the guinea pigs dress up and play with each other and are fed a lot of yummies. But you really don’t want to know what happens after they’re fattened up…don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • FIFA opens up the opportunity for goal-line technology…this is about as credible as North Korea saying they want peace.

The Morning Grind for 4/22

Changed it to the morning grind only because it’s rare that you see me do a Snap the morning it’s actually out. Also because I’m still trying to warm up after a late sleep due to a (quite annoying) game of Scrabble that ended in a draw. (I didn’t even know draws existed in Scrabble, but that’s better than McNabb not knowing there were draws in the NFL).

Anyway, there’s a WHOLE lot of links today, and a whole lot of UF-related announcements.

UF Related

  • More people students than I expected to be roaming out and about this first Reading Day morning. For hours at the places to eat on-campus, check out . To give a gist of it, Chili’s and Burger King are closed for the year.
  • If you’re at the Hub and it’s about 12-2 AM, beware of the barista making the drinks. I don’t know what his name is, but if it’s a young dude with too much gel on his blonde-ish hair, and he makes your drink crappy as hell, don’t say I didn’t warn you. He makes the worst green tea lemonades ever, and I feel like he knows it. I’ll seriously give a reward to anyone who calls him out, and yes, you guessed it, the reward is a Starbucks chocolate chip cookie.

Other News

  • You know, I don’t think fondly of Sen. Harry Reid despite being sort of leftist myself, but compared to this woman, Sue Lowden, who is challenging him for his senate seat these Midterms? She seriously, and I MEAN SERIOUSLY, wants to trade livestock for medical services. What the hell are we in, the stone age? Why don’t we just use abacuses and grunt our way through our lives?
  • Yeah, Knight News may have made a big deal about the UF student government scandal, because they have nothing better to do than to be the National Enquirer of college newspapers (no offense…but I mean when your lead story is about a guy masturbating in public (with video!), I wonder…but their website is nice and much nicer than the Alligator’s). But the joke’s now on UCF, as it seems that fraternities and sororities are being shut down or suspended left and right. They’re mostly National Pan-Hellenic or Multicultural, but still, Greek nonetheless. Mu Sigma Epsilon is on suspension on accounts of reports of beatings, and Kappa Alpha Psi was shut down after pledges were allegedly beaten with canes.
  • Also on the UCF front, Sig Ep may be coming back there by this summer according to Knight News.
  • Hahahah, talk about lost in translation. Baker asks customer what logo they would like on the cake, customer says he’ll send him the URL. Naturally, the baker puts the URL on the cake. Oops.
  • Hulu might be steaming ahead with a subscription model, but it’s not as bad as you think: $10/mo to view all previously aired shows (Hulu fanatics will know that for most major networks only the five most recent episodes are played for each popular show).
  • Ok, I have to admit, these new Dell smartphones look fricking sexy.
  • NOT COOL AT ALL: any of those Hitler parodies about anything you wanted? They’re being booted off YouTube despite the fact that they can be covered under “Fair Use” laws (and yes, amazingly, Fair Use is still covered under the DMCA…see the bottom of the article).
  • I don’t know if Letterman still does “Know Your Current Events” but he also used to do stupid stuff like “Know Your Cuts of Meat” and such. Anyway, how about “Know Your Lost Characters”? (BuzzFeed)
  • I know of at least one friend who likes the WNBA. That’s cool and all, but Microsoft, why why WHY did you put Bing on the Seattle Storm Jerseys?
  • Steve Jobs has turned into the father from the movie “Taken”. He knows all the people who carry prototype stuff around. And if they lose it like the most recent guy with the iPhone 4G did he will say the following, to maybe both the person who was supposed to have it and Gizmodo:
  • “But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter (the iPhone 4G, obviously) go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you."
    – Liam Neeson in Taken, opening January 30, 2009



  • If you’re not tech savvy, you still should know about these programs. Heck, I didn’t even know about the last two. But as long as you’re not paying for your spyware programs, you’re mostly in the clear.
  • Hahaha, this was so cute and clever that I made it my desktop background. If you don’t know a single bit of chemistry, stay away from this link.

Holy CRAP that was a lot of links!

Daily Snap for 4/2

  • Eek gads, my microbiology test is coming up. And I’m still tired.
  • What would you do if your doctor had this on his front door? I actually would be willing to still trust his medical judgment, even if I wouldn’t necessarily agree with his mindset.
  • Will you go to Prom with me? Will you go if I ask you this way?
  • I was 4 for 5 on April Fools’ jokes yesterday…and they were all different, haha.
  • Good job, Aramark, for eventually listening to something that should’ve simply been done a long, long, LONG time ago. 
  • Magic won against the Mavericks last night, pretty handily I might add.
  • Michael Steele is the stupidest excuse of an RNC chairman that I have ever seen. What’s the lesson learned here? Don’t elect a black person just because the opposing party has the first black president. (Don’t worry, I know Kathleen Parker is the closest hybrid between sanity and Ann Coulter, but I’ll take my chances)
  • Relish Gainesville, you know, the burger joint in UFPlaza right next to Pita Pit, below Copper Monkey, etc., has fries. Finally, it only took a year or so for them to get fries…too bad they’re $2.00 for a small box and they’re just, well, frozen fries beautifully cooked and left under a warmer:-/.
  • It’s no surprise that the UF Honors Program is offering a course called “21st Century Skills in Starcraft”…and the class filled up within minutes of being announced. Crazy. Crazy cool at least.
  • Hulu for iPad? We don’t need no stinking Hulu for iPad! You can get lost in LOST with what ABC and CBS are offering for the iPad. And Apple is really spearheading the HTML5 revolution…they just put up a site showing iPad-ready sites. These are sites that are now using HTML5 instead of Flash for video basically…and they’re pretty sweet.